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Accreditation: General Requirements

Accreditation activities conducted by EUACB are in accordance with our international standard based manual but general requirements for accredited bodies are as folllows:

Certifying Bodies

Certifying bodies are organisations providing audit and certification of management systems.Typically these would be certificates for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 etc.

Training Institutes

Accredited training ranges from 1/2 day to many years.It includes classroom or distant learning modes.


Laboratories are either Test houses or Calibration houses and are accredited under ISO 17025

Inspection Bodies

EUACB accredit individual inspecting organisations and groups of inspecting individuals as part of special scheme arrangements.

Product Certifiers

Accredited organisations are advised that activities covered by European Directive 765/08-Conformity Assessment are outwith the scope of accreditation by EUACB.

Personnel Certification

Personnel Certification bodies are accredited regarding ISO 17024 requirements.

Competent Persons Registration

The ASCB Sector Professionals registration scheme demonstrates to stakeholders that the professional person they are dealing with has been registered in the professional and ethical aspects of their work.

Training Course Feed-Back

Your experience of training courses is really important to us.Please send us your feedback in the download form.